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“One of California’s most versatile and prolific writers, Jonah Raskin has made a tremendous contribution to our literary culture over the last half-century. Nothing I’ve ever read of his work has been less than illuminating. This book casts dark and mysterious shadows.”
—Stephen Kessler: poet, novelist, translator

“In Jonah Raskin’s darkly crafted novel the inequities of California’s distant past echo in the downward spiral of characters on a slippery slope, skirting the edge between redemption and the abyss.”
—Peter Maravelis: editor of San Francisco Noir, curator of Subterranean SF: The Noir Reading Series

“In Jonah Raskin’s Dark Land, Dark Mirror, we meet a group of characters right out of a Raymond Chandler novel or a Quentin Tarantino movie. The protagonist, Tioga Vignetta, is a female private eye. Hunker down with a glass of wine and start reading this page-turner.”
—Waights Taylor Jr.: author of the Joe McGrath and Sam Rucker Private Detective Novel Series

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