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"A brilliant biography of artist and teacher James McGrath."
—Greg Sarris, chairman, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, California, and author of Grand Avenue and Watermelon Nights

"A must read for teachers and students."
—C.E. McAuley, professor, Sonoma State University

"No one has told the story of an inspiring teacher as beautifully as Jonah Raskin. This book is tribute to James McGrath and his students. To those who know the impact of a teacher and to those who don’t — read this book!"
—Ellen Meyers, author of The Power of Teacher Networks

"A loving portrait of an American teacher woven together beautifully by Jonah Raskin"
—William Ayers, author of To Teach and former distinguished professor of education, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Jonah Raskin, the irreverent raconteur of America’s countercultures, portrays in this book an unsung and heroic teacher. By sharing James McGrath's story in and out of the classroom, he reminds us that, now more than ever, we need creative educators."
—Jonathan Hunt, associate director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University


Jonah Raskin is the author of twelve books including American Scream, a study of Ginsberg’s poem Howl, and Rock 'n' Roll Women, a tribute to rock 'n' roll women. He has also written six poetry chapbooks: More Poems, Better Poems; Bone Love; Public Places, Private Spaces; Auras; Jonah Raskin’s Greatest Hits; and Letters to a Lover. He lives in Santa Rosa, California.

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