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Scottsboro to Montgomery to Birmingham
The Transformation of the South
in the Twentieth Century

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"Reading Waights Taylor Jr.’s Our Southern Home is like sitting by a fire and listening to a good friend who is a captivating story teller. The author has woven nto a single fabric the story of his father, Waights Taylor Sr., and black contemporaries Rosa Parks and Clarence Norris. Born on the eve of World War I, their lives could not have been more different, but Taylor transforms their separate stories into a shared chronicle that captures the subtitle of his book: the transformation of the South in the twentieth century."
—Dan Carter, Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina, and author of Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the Amerian South

"Waights Taylor Jr. has found the intersection between his personal story and the great narrative of history, and as a result has given us a fresh and vital new perspective on the well-known sagas of the Scottsboro Boys and Rosa Parks. Our Southern Home is thoroughly researched, engagingly written, and deeply felt."
—Diane McWhorter, author of Pulitzer Prize winning Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama—The Climatic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution

"As an occasional ‘Southerner’ who knows and loves the South, I could not pull myself away from Taylor's haunting narrative of racism, injustice, and slow, painful redemption. Entering into his work was like opening an attic trunk filled with family secrets both dark and beautiful, forever changing my sense of home, coloring and nuancing all of my memories. Methodically researched and documented, elegantly written, Our Southern Home will be appreciated by serious students of American History as a welcome addition to the scholarship in their field."
—Jeffry Scharfen, Attorney and Educator

"Waights Taylor Jr. marvels at the accidents of birth—and life—and we marvel with him in this fascinating weaving of three stories into one thoroughly engaging illustration of a region’s gradual, and ongoing, transformation."
—Laura Caldwell Anderson, Archivist, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

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